the wolf at your rekkid player


So we tried to resist... and we know they are just reworking a neauvo-prog schtick and they are hairy, pretty and skinny scarfed and make clips out in the desert with the mystical eagles flying overhead , but hey we grew up listening to all those psychodelic metal albums over summer with our parents smoking funny cigarettes as well and WE LIKE IT.

As we run with the wolf theme, we could have had any number of new kids on the block (hangin' tough) with wolf related names given theres truckload of them around at the moment. But, if there's a squally bit 'o' keyboard wailing on top of your high pitched nonsensical non sequiters we're there.

Catch WOLFMOTHER being embarassingly earnest in front of a stupified studio audience tommorrow night on the Late Late show with Conan O'Brien... where he will remind you that he's the only one that gets to dance on that show.

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