treasure trove

There are a number of fantastic jewellery/object shows on at the moment and we recommend seeing them all in one hit, make a day of it. Do a circuit starting in Brunswick Street walking up to Crossley Place and then heading down to Russell Place.  We always wish Studio Ingot put on more exhibitions, they have such a fantastic stable of makers. We are looking forward to seeing our reflection in the ever so shiny vessels of Wayne Guest.

Kiko Gianocca wins the Mari Funaki Award 2014
Mari Funaki Gallery hosts a truly international Award show this month which acts as an ultra sophisticated survey show of what is happening in the world of contemporary jewellery. It's a formidable world, full or rigorous ideas that challenge us and get us talking - you may need a coffee break at this point in the tour!

Nicholas Bastin creates small worlds at Pieces of Eight

One of our favourite makers Nicholas Bastin has set up a mini museum of small scale works that are both intricate and mysterious. Combining precious and non precious materials with saturated colours and alien like shapes, it's a quirky show that sits perfectly at Pieces of Eight. When was the last time you popped in to these amazing spaces? We highly recommend a refresher for a shot in the arm of inspiration. RAMONA

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