the wild frontier

You still have a few days left to visit the hottest pop up in town. Domestic Frontier brings together makers that have some interesting and beautiful similarities. The aesthetic is earthy, simple, with distinctive handmade qualities.

Jo Ruchel's beautful baskets

There is also a beautiful colour palette ranging sumptuous earthy tones to indigo blues, basically the stuff of dreams in our opinion.

Bridget Bodenham's free form platters
The ladies of HML wished this sort of thing happened more often. There is such a freshness to it,  and we can attest to the beauty and functionality of the pieces (We love our Sophie Moran cups and use them every day for that all important first coffee).

Sophie Moran's perfect cup
We are also huge fans of so many of the makers involved. We've been swooning of Greg Hatton's furniture since we saw it last year at the Slow Clay  open day.

Of course Vic Pemberton is a firm favourite as we loved her indigo course and always find her Bind & Fold range so seductive, she always gets the best blue out of her indigo forays!

Bind & Fold beauty
So gorgeous and not to be missed!

Domestic Frontier closes this Sunday
19 Nicholson Street Brunswick East
Open 11-6 so plenty of time! BECK AND RAMONA


Vic said...

you guys are so lovely! thanks for being so wonderful, and covering all crafty goodness on your blog xxx

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