Oh My

hands down, best in show. Bertjan Pot (Netherlands)
I had to go and see them for myself. The ladies of HML are bordering on 'groupie' when it comes to Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. Especially his stunning masks, all machine stitch by Bertjan himself, which we have been admiring for about three years now, but only online. So image how excited we were to know that we could see at least tow of them at the Gallery Oh retrospective now on at Mr Kitly.

clever vessels by Fuzz (Japan/UK)
Gallery Oh started out in 2012 as a small perspex cube nestled in the headquarters of stylist Megan Morton. The curator Sarah K invited the very best of international art and design to exhibit one piece, for two months. A very simple concept that has attracted worldwide acclaim for cleverness and taste. It's not every day you can claim to be able to see the work of Natalie du Pasquier (one of the founding members of the Memphis Design Group),  Let alone in a warehouse space in Sydney or now down here in Melbourne town.

Nathalie du Pasquier (Italy)
Once again Mr Kitly brings us a fantastic show experience. How lucky we are to live in a town where these small retailers bring us curated exhibitions and goods, a real vision to their small spaces. This is a fine example of why it is important to get off the internet and go see these things in real life. Very good for the soul we say! RAMONA

Show runs until July 27 so get in quick.

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