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Its that time of the month again people. Ramona and I will be joining the Grapevine around 10:15 to talk up all that is crafty. We've both been battling bugs and mid winter blues - although those familiar with Ramona and my own instagram feed will note that we've both just as busy! It will be very good to get behind the mic with the lovely Grapeviners and talk up some exciting ways to make the most of the time indoors. 

We'll also be waxing lyrical about the new Gallery Oh retrospective show at Mr. Kitly which features the work one of our all time craft crushes, Bertjan Pot amongst others. Ramona and I have literally been waiting years to see Bertjan's rope masks and are still pinching ourselves that they're available for viewing now as part of Annexe Oh only one suburb away!

We've got two shows of the week to bring to your attention - Super ace DJ, painter, craftster, curator and all round legend Gemma Jones has a new shop How Am I Not Myself opening at Outré Gallery this Thursday night and the equally awesome Anita Cummins  is also opening her new show Quick Copy on Wednesday night at Bus Gallery. Gemma's latest collection of paintings, prints and wearables all featuring her signature sharp mod stylings and super pop girl groups straight outta Carnaby street, and just to up the multi dimensional craft action she's also collaborated with the equally talented and lovely jeweller Victoria Mason on enamel flags and banners.  We're excited. Anita on the other hand blew us away with her pom pom show a few years back and is continuing her own prismatic exploration of the spaces between knowing and unknowing via texta drawings and artfully arranged colour assemblages. we're pretty sure it's gonna be awesome.

This month however is really all about getting ready for Australia's biggest Craft Festival, Melbourne's own Craft Cubed which takes place right across Victoria throughout August. Last year there were over 120 satellite events and this year's even bigger so there'll be plenty of banter about what to book in for, what to save your pennies for, what to learn and what to see. Over the years we've seen and learnt some incredible things at this festival and we couldn't recommend it more highly.

Highlights for us so far include CulturalThreads  featuring a stack of amazing textile artists including HML favourites Eddy Carroll and Kate Just just to name a few.

And there's a brand spanking addition to the festival consisting of an entire week o free atrium activities at Fed Square from craftivism to ceramics, markets, makers, demonstrations, workshops and amazing Lost Trades. 

As usual there's a slew of killer workshops and events with some of Melbourne's finest makers covering everything from the ancient art of darning to a pom-pom and Pimms party, open studios a plenty and a long awaited and highly anticipated new exhibition by master gold and silversmith Vito Bila.

Also we'd be remiss not to mention the best and most inspiring annual seminar for craft makers Craft and Design as a Career which this year features jeweller Natalia Milosz- Piekarska, Melbourne Fashion icons Georgie and Alex of Alpha 60, the team behind the amazingLost Trades Fair, Artist and illustrator Jane Laver from Chapel Tattoos, Irene Grishin-Selzer of Iggy and LouLou fame....

And just announced as a speaker at CDAC is super cool graphic and textile designer Alice Oehr who's work pretty much blows our minds and who we cannot wait to hear speak. It always blows our mind just how incredibly talented, energetic and diverse our local craft scene is. Thankfully during August there's pretty much no craft stone left unturned so if you're interested in exploring we're giving the heads up now so you do not miss out! 

Oh and before we forget... Clear the decks this weekend people for the most hotly anticipated studio sale of the year as Craft Queen Penelope Durston of Cottage Industry opens her doors to the public. Seriously you will not believe what is in the offing. We've had some inside insights into what's on offer and we can tell you YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT... we're actually kind of hyperventilating already. As always folks, plenty of craft to see, make and do! BECK

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