where modern art and early education meet

Community, activism, early education, feminism, modernism - all themes that span 10 years of art practice from the amazing Emily Floyd. Her blockbuster show Far Rainbow now at Heide Museum of Modern Art is the exact right fit for this particular space - both physically and theoretically. I can't help seeing the ghost of Sunday Reed nodding with approval at this bright and brilliant show.

oversized blocks reference typography and play

There is a lot to think about and a lot to inspire here, especially for parents of young children who are surrounded by bits of plastic and bombarded with the cartoon network most days.  Primary colours, building blocks and Steiner philosophy can help parents steer both their kids and themselves into a quieter more creative head space. Mind you I would not recommend you take your kids to this show - how do you explain to small ones they cant sit in a giant rainbow cave?

mega 70's seagrass nostalgia moment

The title of the show references a 70's science fiction soviet novel set on the delightfully monikered 'planet rainbow' which sounds like quite the trip. Floyd goes both macro and micro in her exploration of a kind of childhood utopia - from commentary about the establishment of  kindergartens to odes to her toy making father and grandmother. It's a warm and optimistic show with an underpinning of positive politics.

oversized Steiner rainbow cave

The show acts as an interesting balance to the major retrospective of Mirka Mora works that is housed in Heide 2. Mora is a great proponent of dreaming and play as a conduit to creativity so the shows sit well together and have a lovely lightness to them. Between the two their is much to take away from for the domestic crafter. Whether it be where toys and modern art meet in Floyd's work to the hand painted doll forms so loved by Mirka Mora fans.

every inch of the gallery space has been considered

Another thing, when you are at Heide do take advantage of the knowledgeable gallery staff. They hang around bored witless most of the time fiddling with their walkie talkies but let me tell you if you engage with them they are so knowledgeable and are likely to point out things that you might of missed. Emily Floyd's show runs until July 13. If you insist on having lunch there - book in advance. The queue out the cafe was out the door. Weird as there were only 3 people in the gallery. Ah Melbourne you do love your food! RAMONA

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