cuppa tea anyone?

a ten day festival in a town of 200 - quite amazing!

When the good people of the radio told us that there was a Tea Cosy Festival in Fish Creek we got genuinely excited. We love a festivus be it scarf, beanie or wool so to add a Tea Cosy one to the crazy craft calendar made our hearts sing a country song.

this was my pic for the win, just beautiful! sadly already sold.

So the local motel was booked and Blue Thunder (our ridiculous station wagon) was packed with snacks and socks for a weekend jaunt to South Gippsland. I'm ashamed to say it but I had never seen the famous Wilson's Prom (nature and I have a fraught friendship) so my half of the HML family headed off on an adventure. What a nice part of the world it is. I did panic briefly without wifi but even I not only survived I revived.

The Tea Cosy Festival  itself had taken over the sleepy hamlet of Fish Creek. With over 200 entries on show, competitions, workshops, musical performances - Fish Creek really turned on the charm. I think even they were surprised by how many people made the drive down from Melbourne.

A whole section devoted to anti McDonalds protest cosies

The local primary school had a whole section and there were the requisite owls (all of which had sold of course!) and there were some more avant garde works that were causing some consternation amongst the public. I overheard one couple arguing the merits of crochet vs knit and another young chap determined to purchase one as a hat. Here is a link to the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival. If you follow them on facebook we can be organised and descend upon them en masse in 2015! RAMONA

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