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OK so the above photo is what my dining table looks like a lot of the time. There isn't some pristine pinterest worthy studio where the ladies of HML make stuff. For both of us it takes place somewhere between making dinners for multi-generational fussy eaters, the hum of the dishwasher/dryer/washing machine and cats and dogs vying for attention by walking across keyboards. We wont be ready for the Design Files photo shoots any time soon, but we get a lot done!

With lives full of friends and family it's handy that just some of the craft supply tsunami has included a collection of stamps, ink pads, punches and paints. I have so many people with birthdays in April/May and many people to send thank you notes too that I dedicated an afternoon last week to hand making some cards for them. The trick with these traditional scrap booking supplies is to customise their look by adding paint, gilding or glitter details. Including the recipients name is a nice way of showing them a little extra love too.

You can often find bargain bins full of end of line stamps at craft stores and it is a good idea to buy an alphabet set. You can always make your own too, which we of course love most of all. If we had a spare weekend that's what we'd do for sure. RAMONA 

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Sandra Eterovic said...

Dear Ramona,

I love this post. My dining table looks pretty similar, even without a family to feed in between making dolls, gift tags, cutting out patterns and reading the paper. As you know, I am lucky enough to have a studio as well in which I have TWO MORE tables strewn with layers of magazines, paper cut outs, paint, pencils, babushkas in waiting and a bucket of water. I now recall my first design job boss telling me off for spreading my work in progress across FOUR big design desks: I hadn't even noticed.