dream in neon

The year of the workshop is nearly at an end, can you believe we it? we have done concrete casting, macrame, kokedama, jewellery, dyeing, basketry, weaving, crochet, upcycling, bookbinding, origami, and this past weekend one of our favourites of the year - neon wrapped bangles with jeweller and artist Anna Davern at North City 4.

On the surface it would seem a really easy technique. Just wrap some cord around plastic tubing and voila - 80's inspired multi coloured wonders that can be worn as bangles, earrings, brooches or pendants. This is where a teacher is invaluable. There are so many little tricks and short cuts to make the pieces look really finished and indeed wearable that you could not tell just from looking at them.

Of course Beck, who is speedy gonzales when it comes to textile based craft made two beautiful hoops that she's turned into super stylin' earrings that have already received high praise on their first wearing.  I'm a bit more of a slow poke but was so happy with my bangle I've immortalised in a Christmas decoration.

This is possibly because it took me nearly two hours to make it and I couldn't face doing a second one without a bad midday movie to help me through! We had a fantastic morning sharing tea, talk and craft and can't wait to sign up for another workshop at North City 4. RAMONA

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