domestic bliss

In the Woody Allen film 'Interiors' vignettes of beautiful objects are lovingly gazed on by a slow and melancholy camera. Time is taken, palettes are cool, shadows are long and the lines between space and object is blurred. Ceramicist Leah Jackson's exhibition, named after Allen's serious film, offers up these vignettes in a new body of work made up of domestic vessels and objects.

It's been fascinating to watch Jackson's practice develop over the past couple of years. The sweet confetti spots and nobbly surfaces are still there but scale has changed and been refined. The pieces now have a certain sophistication that make them desirable and aloof rather than kooky and fun. Both vibes are good but what's better is when Jackson brings us both so we can enjoy ourselves and feel stylish at the same time. RAMONA

Interiors by Leah Jackson
15-31 November

381 Sydney Rd  Brunswick

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