rollin' on a river

I've just returned from a 9 day trip to Margaret River in WA. Despite heavy rain and a bad head cold I can attest to the claim that it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. Combining forests, vineyards, rolling beaches and generally lovely people it was quite special. We were there for my beloved's family reunion, with cousins, aunts, uncles, parents,brothers, friends all descending on a rambling farmhouse nestled in beautiful forest. Being the odd one out I was grateful for my little bag of craft supplies.

I started on my Christmas list with some beads for ***** and a stitched tree decoration for *****. I was reminded what a unifying thing craft is as one by one the younger members of the group joined me at the table to play with beads and wool until I had a table full of kids all happily making stuff together.

Not all my craft was successful. The wonky embroidery was meant to be a Christmas bauble-inspired present but I think the lines should be curved to give a rounded effect, instead it's just a bit haphazard. But I think being on felt I'm going to use it as an elbow patch on a jumper. The weaving, well let's just say I'm still learning.

At first I was panicking about a. being so far from home and b. not having wifi but even a homebody like me can be seduced outdoors when they look this good. All these shots were no more than 10 minutes from our holiday house so when the sun broke through I was always tools down, boots on and outdoors. Lovely! RAMONA

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Saskia said...

My beloved has rellies in WA too Ramona. We've been meaning to get there for a holiday, and your photos have nudged it up on my bucket list. God, how gorgeous! Sounds like you had a beaut time. How fantastic that you became a craft Pied Piper! Love the idea of the Christmas bauble becoming an elbow patch, but it looks totally like a bauble to me, and it's such an ace Chrissie present idea – maybe a nice wooly ribbon at the top would make it a fraz more baubley?