I couldn't let this week past without urging you all to go and see a fantastic show at North Carlton Ceramics. The ladies of HML are long time fans of Valerie Restarick and I swear one of these stunning mummified cat pieces from her latest show 'Ushabti Figures' is coming home with me.

These funerary figurines are sad, sweet, and funny. The surface rich with texture and their faces imbued with character and poetry.

I can't help thinking that, in the age of grumpy cat memes and internet feline stars like Maru, the cat has reclaimed its place as a symbol of something. I'm not sure what and I'm not sure the ancient Egyptians would approve but an important cultural icon nonetheless. This show is a highlight for us of this year's Craft Cubed Festival. RAMONA

North Carlton Pottery
87 Fenwick street
North Carlton
Open Mon -Sat 10-5
show runs until Aug 31

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