plastic fantastic

Vicki show us all the different materials to play with

I was lucky enough to attend Vicki Mason's Wearable Plants workshop hosted by Craft Victoria this past Saturday and I thought Id share some images and what I made that afternoon. As you know the ladies of hml have gone workshop mad this year (bookbinding, crochet, macramé, weaving, dyeing, concrete casting so far) and I have to say that this was certainly one of the most satisfying.

So many possibilities!

Let me say I will never be a jeweller. For want of a better phrase I don't have the 'hands' for it. The attention to detail which jewellers thrive on would drive me crazy.  I think that's why I like collecting it, writing about it and of course wearing it. It is a testament to how fantastic a teacher Vicki is that I went away with a pair of very cute made by me rah rah earrings!

what do you think? cute huh!

Using waste plastics from the stationery industry and perfectly made findings Vicki elevates humble materials into beautiful things and helped her eager students to do the same. I would actually pay to do this workshop again it was so much fun! RAMONA

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