Amazing Grace

The three shows on at Craft Victoria do have a common thread in that they all give us imagery and food for thought about the spaces we choose to inhabit from our suburban front yards acting as psychological jewellery in Vicki Mason's extraordinary Vignettes from a Suburban Front Yard (Gallery One)to the mystery of the shed and the artefacts found within the creepy but ultimately curious Shed Assemblage by Anna Rowbury (Gallery Two)

Positioned between these two is the absolutely amazing Shelter by glass artist Holly Grace. The technical skill of combining digital images and glass come out of a residency Grace underwent at Canberra Glassworks. With these new skills she has created extraordinary pieces. A serious of huts, their surface at once shimmering a delicate but also corroded and with the patina of countless years of blustery weather. The surrounding landscapes are etched onto panels that are suspended in front of the huts creating a shadow that is so full of detail it is kind of ultra real -like a craft version of a 3D movie.

t's a beautifully resolved and clever show. Pushing the boundaries of the medium but still creating something beautiful. What I did enjoy was the interconnection between all three exhibitions - a testament to brilliant programming by curator Debbie Pryor. Well worth a visit. RAMONA

current shows run until 27th of July.

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