rockin' the suburbs

The wonderful jeweller Vicki Mason is in the throes of installing her latest show at Craft Victoria; Vignettes from a Suburban Front Yard. Think about it for a moment. Lawns, manicured trees, rows of box hedge, native versus introduced. Our desire to create a natural idyll in our urban settings. The topic is ripe for the picking off the cumquat topiary.

Vicki is a keen observer of the natural world and has strong sense of shape and colour. her combinations of precious and non precious materials and her meticulous finishing technique always give her work a sense of completion. She thinks deeply about scale and motif and takes care to  never over cook an idea or wander off into kitsch.

These are the shows we really enjoy at HML. The sense that the maker has created a body of work for exhibition and imbued it with ideas and narratives. It is a beautiful garden Vicki Mason has tended and we plan to give her a congratulatory bouquet when her show opens this Thursday night 6-8 at Craft

Show runs until 27 July.

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