my eye on you

It was a pleasure to visit artist in residence Eddy Carroll at the new Hatch arts space in Ivanhoe on the weekend. Her new exhibition Glimmer of Wild Patience opens this Thursday at Craft and I can already attest to its beauty and sensitivity.

Eddy is a wonderful contemporary artist who utilizes craft technique (cross stitch  beading, printing,) to create intimate and evocative pieces. She approaches her work with enormous thoughtfulness and her openness allows for happy accidents and detours.

At the end of her residency in Ivanhoe and her show at CV Eddy is off to Istanbul (with a stop off in Thailand for a months charity work) for a three month residency - I am green with envy but also mighty impressed with this amazing free spirit.

You can read more about Eddy here and you can visit her blog here. The show opens this Thursday night and runs until June 15. RAMONA

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