experimenting. Pressing stamps into the clay worked well.
More adventures in air dry clay. This time using the more expensive Fimo brand (as opposed to the $2.80 per box daiso clay!) to see if the results were better/different/ First up the Fimo is no good for small moulds. It's just too wet. The cheaper, dryer stuff works better. That being said the colour is more intense and when it dries it dries much much harder than any other air dry clay I've used. Imagine as hard as regular Fimo but light as a feather.
don't know if they'll last long as key rings. Added metal brads for strength.
I ended up with only a couple of successful experiments. Knowing what it does and doesn't do I would go in with a better plan of what to make. I'm pretty sure there are some more sophisticated possibilities than these!
this one looks like a squashed world map
I added gold leaf just to fancy the brooches up as I'm obsessed with gilding everything at the moment (my glitter box has been pushed to the back of the craft cupboard!). They are really light wearable pieces that won't damage delicate woollens.

This one is my favourite so I'm giving to a birthday buddy
I'm fairly certain you could never in good conscience sell things made with air dry clay, it just doesn't have the robustness of the oven dry big brother. But for gifts, yourself and crafting with little ones it is terrific fun and inexpensive too. RAMONA

For those of you interested in experimenting with air dry clay I buy all mine here

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