I got the blues

I have been wanting to experiment with cyanotypes for years. I saw some beautiful framed prints of botanical images in a magazine many moons ago (remember when we all still read mags?) and I loved the deep blue colour. Up upon til now I've had trouble finding the paper but having to think laterally about supplies has led me to teachers supply online stores, a treasure trove of craft and art kits and unusual project supplies (in this case Mad About Science).

Let me say on a bright sunny afternoon this is a brilliant activity with kids. Thom now think I have magic powers as he watched with amazement as the paper developed. Our first forays were fairly amateurish but I have pressed some flowers to next weeks botanical print run.

My mum has been growing herbs and flowers so that sorts out Mothers Day gifting ideas. I can frame a print, cover a notebook, make a bookmark for a new gardening book, decoupage a wooden magazine box for her Gardening Australia subscription, gift wrap, tag, stand back and take a bow. RAMONA

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