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Today we'll be back in our hot seats with the lovely ladies of RRR's Grapevine for the first time this year... 10.30 am. And we're excited! As usual we'll be bringing you our pick of the exhibitions happening around town, talking up our craft resolutions, our weekend Crafternoon with some of the inner north's finest and officially dubbing 2013 the of Skill-sharing. 

Exhibitions include the previously reviewed Louise Bourgeois Late Works retrospective at Heide, Julie Blyfield's Second Nature at Funaki and Magic Mountain at Craft, but in true jam it all in fashion we'll also be giving you a head's up about Ro Noonan's explorations in timber and plastic in Pretty, ordinary constructions (top) at the Rooftop Art Space in Curtain House and Tributary a free association collaborative drawing exhibition from Skye Williams and Jeannie Brown (bottom) at Kings Ari.

And with the Sustainable Living Festival almost upon us we'll also be reminding you about the amazing travelling Once More with Love travelling exhibition and seminar soon to hit Melbourne at North City 4 and Emma Grace's Look. Stop. Swap refashioning jewellery workshop at Craft. Whew...plenty on offer in our humble 15 minute slot. This year we're also thinking of trying something a little different and looking at discussing a contentious craft topic each month - opening up the proverbial Pandora's sewing box if you will. we'd love to know what you think... AND your topics for public discussion!  BECK


Emma said...

You guys! You, you're good eggs, many more crafternoons to come, love youse xxx

Sandra Eterovic said...

SO of course it's the show at Kings that I really NEED to see....oh well, if I get lost it won't be forever and I'll find something else that's interesting instead.
Keep fighting that good war with the cross stitch, Ramona!
Thanks for a fantastic broadcast you two, looking forward to no.2.... :)