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This time of year the craft show scene is pretty quiet so it is a great opportunity to walk through the big institutions and see new acquisitions, revisit old favourites and in this case see a gallery full of some of the most well crafted vessels made in this country. The NGV hosts the triennial Cicely and Colin Rigg Design Award with each year themed to bring a highly curated touch to the show.

Emma Davies ghost vessels were a welcome shot of colour

They dropped the world Craft from the title but we all know it still looms large in the criteria. This time instead of going for a medium category (the past has included jewellery, textiles, ceramics) they went for a theme 'Containment' allowing for different media (and makers) to be included. The winner was venerable gold and silversmith Marion Hosking, and without doubt her work was impressive. Hosking always manages to pull off the impossible I think, balancing the robust and the delicate without one making the other appear clunky or flimsy. I have to say that there was some really impressive work in the show.

L2R clockwise Robin Bold, David Pottinger, Marion Hosking, Katherine Wheeler

For my money I would have pinned a gold star on the work of Katherine Wheeler. Her work really genuinely excited me. Her strange hybrid forms combined beautiful hollow ware shapes with strange organic off shoots like roots of a plant or limbs of an alien. They looked as if they could spring to life at any moment.They  far from being grotesque, there is great beauty there, like finding a perfect shell or fossil. A fantastic show and a lovely quiet time of year to go and enjoy it.

Katherine Wheeler
Show runs until 21 July (good grief, what is going on at the NGV?)

PS there were many many makers I think should have been included in this show and there are no textile artists (basket weaving anyone?) which seems an oversight to my mind. Not enough glass and no paper anywhere. hmmm...

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Emma said...

The NGV cancelled a show that Maryann and I were working on - go figure!