I know it's post Christmas but I though I'd share some of the handmade gifts I received this year. For no other reason but to show you I'm not the only Christmas crazy out there! Speaking of which, one of the craziest and most delightful gifts was my knitted taxidermied squirrel mounted for display from my artist friend Miss B. She also made the very mini planter out of polymer clay. The mugs were a very special gift from Miss I to celebrate the launch of my partner's new business.

Beck of course outdid herself with an amazing basket and glow in the dark party beads - perfect for New Year's Eve fireworks viewing. Funnily enough, I didn't make her anything. As is often the case with the people closest to me, I leave them til last and run out of time/energy. Every year I tell myself I'll make the 'inner-circle gifts' first - perhaps I should start now (I'm just kidding).

I made myself a present too - having bought this kit a year ago. I've been laid up with a bad back, the one advantage being I was able to finish a project from start to finish. My stitch skills aren't great, but it did temporarily ease - or at least distract from - the pain.


List Addict said...

The squirrel is to-die-for. Love to! It's like a biology class specimen. Your stitching is fabulous - perfection is the realm of the Gods, not us mere mortals.

Ramona said...

You're kind to say it and yes I'll leave perfection to others! The squirrel is totally excellent and I love it, I have clever friends.