The secret life of plants

Queensland based makers Shannon Garson (ceramicist) and Rebecca Ward (jeweller) are long time collaborators. They've had numerous exhibitions together and created a diverse body of collective works, while their styles and media differ both are collectors and keen observers entranced by their habitat.  Swamp Cartography is the result of their latest collaboration through which the theme of mapping of both geographic area band collaborative artist process has emerged strongly. Opening tonight at 6pm at the Noosa Regional Gallery Swamp Cartography showcases the endangered but beautiful ecosystem often overlooked and under threat by development. Works include glass, jewellery and ceramics that are both inspired by and reflective of the huge variation and intricate details of the plants of this area revealed by their close examination.  Also on show are some stunning photography and a short film featuring the "unique, fast disappearing wallum swamps of coastal Australia."

Shannon is one of the nicest crafters we've ever had the pleasure to meet, her work is absolutely beautiful and you know how much we love a collab. We wish them both fabulous opening and that we could be there to celebrate in person! Have a great night ladies!

until July 1.


julie @ tractorgirl said...

I love Shannon's work too! So delicate and lovely (in fact I wrote about her on my blog recently too...)Still coveting those magnolia bowls

DollHouse said...
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