The ladies of HML will probably go as far as to say this is the not to be missed show of the year. Rayna Fahey is the founder of Radical Cross Stitch and co founder of the Craft Cartel. This is craftivism at its most passionate. This does interest us of course, as a phenomenon and antidote to the twee soft focus tea party craft that has been so much at the forefront of the handcraft resurgence (not that we don't love that too - we are funny that way - we love it all). 

But you know what? We are really really interested in seeing what Fahey MAKES. Those two hands, so politically committed to making trouble, have created some beautiful and subversive pieces. We are so glad she is finally having a solo show.

The Incinerator gallery, albeit in a really awkward out-of-the-way location is well worth a visit. this amazing building was designed by the Burley Griffins and is a great space. Car pool it people. Totally worth it.

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