Wreath of the Month

Cool Change

And so summer ends for those of us in the antipodes. We seem to have slid into autumn with the greatest of ease, pulling on cardigans and harvesting the last of the summer crops. This is my favourite time of year I think. I was a bit late making my march door wreath. Around 10pm last night I got the crafting bug and shared the dining table with my studious and stressed year 12'r. She wrote a 300 word essay in French and I faffed about with my glue gun. Good times.


Saskia said...

Love it! Especially the wrens (or are they finches?). Love faffing about with a glue gun too (or 'goo gun' as the 4 year old calls it).

Ramona said...

I don't know where I would be without my glue gun Saskia!