Talks of the Week

inspiration station

The intriguingly titled Hand Eye Collective are hosting a series of fashion centric panel discussions this week at the Order of Melbourne. Tonight three practioners from different areas will be discussing Inspiration and Ways of Working. Illustrator Angie Rehe will hopefully provide some insight into how she so beautifully captures the drape of a dress or the turn of a heel with a couple of deft strokes of the pen.
Nyssa Marrow (half of the Above label) can tell us how it feels to be a finalist in the National Designer of the Year Awards (pretty good I imagine)

And the Queen of Craft herself Ms Penelope Durston may provide some insight into how she goes about 'curating' and 'creating' her Cottage Industry.
you can find out more here

PS The ladies of HML will be gracing the airwaves this morning at around 10:15am with the Grapevine gals on RRR 102.7

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