we are living in a material world

Beck and I were really excited to see Material Culture: Light and Volume and Counihan Gallery in Sydney Rd Brunswick this weekend. A group show of RMIT textile design alumni is guaranteed to be inspiring and in my case educational! Beck, with the aid of the Plush Design installation finally explained to me how a loom works (being quite the weaver herself)

We were both struck by the delicacy and vividness of Ilka White's new work

But what really blew us away was the weaving of John Brooks and would love to see more more more! We'd really like to know why textile designers don't have their own websites. Nearly every single jeweller has a great online presence, ceramicists are starting to get their work out there too but finding info about textile designers is nigh on impossible. The ladies would like to start a campaign to get all textile peeps online asap! This show only runs til the 25th so you'll have to run to catch it.

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