why didn't we think of that?

We don't often give a plug to craft suppliers, it just doesn't seem right. But the new Blank Goods website is just to good to not let you know about. We first saw them at Madeit Market at Fed Square and we were so impressed and jealous of this very simple yet genius business idea. Just sell really beautiful blank things to peeps and let them do the rest!

I've just put in my first order and will show you how it arrives and how long it takes to get here. The wooden unpainted Easter eggs were way too good to go past and the berry boxes are dreamy. I do have a soft spot for a penant (the new bunting we think) so am regretting not including them in the cart.

http://www.blankgoods.com.au/ - run do not walk!


Anonymous said...

T4link - I swap you:


you must go...

BLANK said...

HI Ramona! Thanks for your post about BLANK! We're glad you love it and hope you have fun with your goodies! xx BLANK