Easter Project of the Week

Hop to it

I got my latest stash of craft supplies yesterday. New paint, brushes and stencils which was very exciting. I couldn't give a toss about shoes, holidays or chocolate but wave craft supplies under my nose and I become a little crazed. I was giving up buying them for lent - that lasted four days.

Around two years ago the lovely miss p bought me a whole basket full of unpainted paper mâché Easter eggs. They got stuffed in the craft cupboard never to be seen again as I was never quite sure how to tackle them. Last night I got stuck into my new and old supplies and started easterfying the house

The brown one is my favourite, it looks chocolaty! Thom was so impressed he's having a go this morning at painting his own egg. so of course now I've gone a little Easter crazy. More Seasonal crafts to come.

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