shake it, don't break it.

Melbourne sculptor and mustachioed man about town Jarrad Kennedy usually likes to make big things, but it would seem that more recently he's been sweating the small stuff. Illusion Shaker makes over everyday bar items and ephemera in one of our favourite mediums - cardboard, displayed in yet another 'random wall in a hip venue' turned gallery: the Rooftop Art Space. Not to say that we don't like this particularly Melbourne tradition - we love a multi-tasking venue as much as anyone, especially if we can watch a movie, buy something handmade, eat good food AND look at art with a drink in our hand!

This is likely to be Jarrad's only 3D outing this year as he busies himself working on the hotly anticipated Nic Dalton/Half a cow doco for the rest of the 2012, and the show finishes up on February 19. That's only a couple of weeks away peeps... so if you like what you see hop to it, and while you're at it have a drink on us.

Oh and we should also mention that a little bird told us that Rooftop Art Space is looking for submissions for the 2012 program.  If you've got a little something up your artsmock sleeve you might want to let 'em know. BECK

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