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Fresh Crop

I was really pleased I got to see the opening of Fresh at Craft Victoria last night. both the hml ladies have served terms on the committee and we can attest to the hard work and thought that goes into putting this show together. Running around seeing 35 grad shows sounds like fun but to be honest it's a logistical nightmare! The twelve chosen this year are all really interesting. We can debate art v craft I guess but I'm bored with all that.

Best in show for me was gossip between the beautiful enamelled copper vessels by
Wendy Korol or the amazing oversized brooches by Allonah Goren - both RMIT Gold and Silversmithing graduates.

On a festive note I thought I'd let you all know (as you are all endlessly fascinated with my Christmas obsession - not) I did finish the Advent calendar just in time to open the first drawer at 10:53 pm! Ridiculously complex project for me and I'm so pleased it's done! RAMONA

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