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Unleash the beast

That's it people. It is now the 1st December so the Christmas gag is officially lifted! The Intern and spent some high quality craft time together last night and completed the 17 kids decorations for 2011. a marathon 4 hour effort! When I started my tradition of making these a few years ago for the smallest members of my circle there were only 5 to do! I went for a crazy multicolored individual look this year - I'm over my cookie cutter approach to it. They are very jaunty don't you think? RAMONA

I should be showing you my advent calendar but it's final coat of paint still needs doing! Hopefully by tonight it will be ready to roll. If youd like to see what I did last year for kids decorations you can go here


librarygirl said...

Oh I need a tutorial on these - lovely.

Beck said...

Woo hoo! Finns first. Awesome effort Madame barry.
So excitement... You know soon we wont need any other decorations for the tree. I like that idea. X