locution n. 1. a particular form of expression; a phrase or expression. 2. a style of speech or verbal expression; phraseology. (from Latin locutio an utterance, from locui to speak)

Ok so we're playing favourites here... but really this one promises a lot and we know it will deliver. The incredibly talented and completly lovely Katherine Bowman has been working on this show for two years and we're excited. Ramona has been lucky enough to have seen much of the 'work in progress' and she's been talking it up for months...she's even opening the show on Thursday night. Those familiar with Katherines work will be keenly anticipating this next chapter in her exhibition practice, and those new to her work will no doubt gasp in wonder as Locutions is chock full of her highly personal and equisitly rendered pieces that perfectly express the nexus between poetry and craftsmanship.

Like it says on the box: "Katherine Bowman's new work examines the way we imbue objects and artefacts with meaning. Through a series of small box like vessels, themes of containment, secrecy, talismanic power and personal mythology come together to create a collection of mysterious and quiet pieces that draw the viewer in like a small poem. Pulling inspiration from sources as diverse as Federico Garcia Lorca, Jean Baudrillard and Nick Cave, these intricately decorated boxes not only provide a secret space to carry one's true self but a shelter for the vulnerable heart and the spirit animus." And really who are we to argue? BECK

Katherine Bowman: Locutions (the loved object)

9 Sep – 15 Oct 2011
Gallery 1, Craft Victoria
31 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Opening: Thursday 8 September, 6-8pm

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