Party of the Week

You'll have to forgive us dear readers. Between technical hiccups (powersurge =computer death) and small things (age 17, 3, 2.5 and 100 days) the wheels have fallen off at hml hq! I'm trying out some new technology this week while my delightful tech guy fixes up the black box. This entry comes to you via an iPad app or two, we'll see how it goes!

I had a significant birthday last week so I had a great excuse for some party craft. I made some cool favours using my new wood grain and birch stamps. These little handmade notebooks looked pretty spiffy I think. Shame I forgot to give them out to half my guests - hopeless! We had birthday breakfast - at 830 am on a Sunday. Let's just say naps were needed. But who can resist that insane three tiered chocolate pavlova that Maggie B created?


librarygirl said...

Significant birthday? 21,then?
happy birthday!

Ramona said...

Thanks library girl!