There is so much on this week we thought we'd give you a bit of a day by day run down so you could pace yourselves! Today we'll take advantage of the glorious weather to see the first day of the collaborative project between Emma Greenwood and MaryannTalia Pau (shoemaker and weaver respectively).  'I'll show you My Craft if you Show me Yours' is a way for makers to share their process while creating some new work in Craft Vic's pocket sized gallery three. Emma and Maryann have titled theirs 'Regal Savage' and we are excited to see how they explore the theme of hybridisation. find out more here

The RMIT Gold and Silversmithing and Ceramics department are holding a day long seminar exploring the notion of hybrid practice. 8 different speakers (including the wonderful Meridth Turnbull and Damien Skinner) will give their take on how object bases practices can be a catalyst for enquiry and research - which can sometimes feel like trying t mix oil and water so I'll be interested to hear what everyone has to say. There is also a masterclass in the afternoon for those with some skills (find out more here)

The Pieces of Eight crew have temporarily reopened the old gallery space in St Georges Road for Seoid 11 - an amazing touring show of jewellery from Ireland. Curator Claire McAlister(apparently quite the pocket rocket on the Irish craft scene) will be there during the show for a chat about the work and what's happing all the way over there (find out more here)

You know how we love handheld gallery. Well the new show there is just wonderful - an ode to procrastination it s a collection of doodles, drawings, ideas and jottings that mark those moments of procrastination that we all experience. (find out more here)

Part two of the Craft and Design as A Career form focuses more on the mid career maker. This is a great opportunity to hear from industry experts on how to take your craft or design based business to that next level (you know, where you can pay the rent etc) find out more here

Phew! We'll tell you about Saturday and Sunday on Friday. Does that make sense? RAMONA


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