Look Mum No Hands!

We celebrated mixmaster maxwell's third birthday on sunday. Thankfully the weather was perfect, unlike my baking which for some reason was disasterous... one of those everything I touch turns to compost kind of days.

Luckily Ramona had brought in savoury baked goods as back up, Mick had prepared his own special antipasto plates earlier and the kids didn't care that the texture of my cupcakes was a little on the 'bouncy' side, or that the pineapple upside down cake was a little 'toasty'.

And Thomas bless him clearly thought the fairy bread was ok!

This year for the first time I did a 'theme' (dinosaurs) which was much appreciated by the cretaceous crazed boys and my father (the Fishing Pied Piper Pop) had been practicing his balloon animals all week so we plenty of silly hats, oddly phallic poodles and balloon sword fights all day.

Michael had also managed to find a large inflatable punching T-Rex (genius) and there was a certain new bike making it's first appearance. Needless to say the kids were well entertained and didn't stop moving all morning.

Their hyper activity may however have been chemically assisted as I went all super mum and made gift bags.

Which included Thom's special "whistle" request and loads of snakes, teeth and milk bottles... much to the horror of all the parents and my evil delight. Of course they'd all opened, scarfed and destroyed the contents within two minutes of sitting down. And that was before they started on the chocolate crackles.

We all had such a great time, all the presents were incredibly thoughtful and very crafty - wooden tools, lots of drawing and painting stuff, handmade pencil box, a pin board puzzle, the obligatory Thomas trains and another plastic hat to add to Max's growing village people dress up collection.

Max also finally took charge of his little pink bunny from Auntie Rambo - HOORAY!

oh and as you can see the Thomas and Maxwell bromance continues... next stop Ramona's birthday breakfast!! BECK

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