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Hi All! Well it's not likely that either HML ladies are going to get out much this week. Beck is being Baby home this morning to begin that new adventure and I am giving birth myself next week. Not to a baby of course, but an exhibition - but more about that next week. If we could leave the hosue we'd go and see this show by Sharon Margaret Marshall based on the dreamy invitation alone. We also love all the shows at handheld gallery .

We'd also pop into Kings Ari to see Troy Emery's new sculpture, because his work blows our minds. But alas we are chained to home this week. Not that we are complaining - how exciting this year has turned out to be! RAMONA

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beck said...

The exhibition looks fascinating, I can't quite read the name of the gallery though!! Congrats on the arrival of Beck's baby, what a dream boat he is! Hope it's all goin well xo