oh baby!

What do you give a baby with looby lips like these... already he's mincing, pouting and humming Brown Sugar. Thankfully, despite the insanity of his features the handy ladies in our life have already shown how well they understand both the wee laddie and his mother by delivering a cavalcade of goodies for young Finn. Starting with this amazing hand spun, dyed and knitted alpaca combo peruvian hipster hat and button through mary jane booties for the young gent... powderpuff soft,  the lightest and most impossibly delicious things i've ever held in my hand. And yes Miss P, he's already sat on the porch with me in the winter sun enjoying said hattage on numerous occasions.

Oh Yes, take a look at that booty shaping up close (hand on that sounds a little wrong...) amazing work from an amazing lady... I think these might be available at the Cottage so if you have a little person in your life do yourselves the proverbial and head on down to pick some up.

As usual Miss P didn't dissapoint on the knitted critter front either, this monkey is still making me chortle out loud, despite stitches (nurse) every time I catch sight of him... the fact that he has a curly pip cleaner filled tail only makes him funnier, and that apricot bow!! tres chic monsier monkey!

And in honor of the circumstances of Finn's conception (dont ask dont tell policy here) we have the Mighty Magpies beanie lovingly crafted by a Valley Nanna and hand delivered by his Number One Aunti-ji who has really taken one for the team given she's a rabid St. Kilda supporter. Ouch that's gotta sting!

Although she may have been getting her own back on the 'matching' booties as they look suspiciously navy and white...

The schoolmaster uncle DJ managed these hilarious faux tabi toe sockettes which while not hand knitted did come with the best packaging... (yes look closely "oh no It's a mistake ?????)

Lucky boy. BECK

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Sophie Milne said...

Love those lips! (and great name)
Congratulations Beck and best wishes for Canberra Ramona