Art is Affordable

We are doing things a bit topsy turvy this week - with our show of this week not being featured until Friday - so I thought I'd show you a bit of Art Melbourne that happened this past weekend. All in all it's a pretty mediocre show but between the lurid acrylic paintings of nubile young women there can often be found some absolute gems. I actually counted 8 paintings I would have bought had  I had the cash. Of course the very best affordable art is craft and the best craft at Art Melbourne was at the RMIT stand. Curator Stephen Gallagher has put together a great show and it was selling like hotcakes.

Highlight for me was the amazing ceramics by Robyn Phelan . Humorous and strange, very appealing

The gold and silversmithing grads work was also incredible. Dougal Haslam's little automata are brilliant - I think it deserves a little stop motion don't you? RAMONA

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