I don't think I have been busier workwise than I am right now. It's kind of insane the amount of stuff I have on the go. I won't bore you with the details suffice to say there is steam coming out of my ears! To cope with it all I have forced myself some crafting downtime, all little things that can be finished in under an hour (or 2 cups of tea and an episode of the West Wing)

I was so pleased with my Christmas tags last week I went in for another go - this time for Aunt Moira who makes a point of remembering everyone's birthday and anniversary -trust me, she can never have too many tags. I hope that crazy bird on the lid doesn't freak her out too much!

I have a friend in London turning 1 next month and his family are also moving house. He's getting his own room (not so exciting when your 1 I guess but his 3 year old brother is very pleased!) I thought a door plaque was in order.

And I finally got around to learning how to fold an origami box! This was wholly satisfying and remarkably successful. I love packaging and this mad skill is a good one to have. Beck gave me a whole lot of beautiful beads last week and they'll go perfectly in this box for my cousin. I have to make the necklace that's going in it which is just as well because I used an entire glue stick over the weekend and will be focusing on more textile and bead projects: hardcore crafting... RAMONA

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