Ok so we have all had weeks like this: You know the one- where there is so much hard work to do (in my case writing a total of 4000 words in 3 different places, being interviewed, interviewing, and replying to probably 300 emails - apologies to friends I haven't got back to yet). On top of that everyone here had colds and were grumpy and high maintenance as hell. sigh. Times like these I turn to simple craft. I've made a couple of Christmas presents (don't laugh) for the little ladies next door, two gingham totes that I'll fill with some craft supplies (of course).

We broke my beautiful porcelain beaker I used to put cutlery in for couch eating - so I grabbed some scrapbooking bits and a tin - a project that Thom loved too - he stuck the little wooden knife and fork on with great pride!

I also made a set of coasters for Miss B's birthday next week. I did all of these projects as a 'reward' per 1000 words and they all took less than an hour, but they kept me sane in a tough time. Don't ask me about the housework tho, good grief. RAMONA

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