Every First Sunday of the month we take Thom way across town to visit the Steam Locomotive Society of Victoria. Now don't get me wrong, this is great fun but I'd be lying if I said part of the appeal is that it's just around the corner from the Kaisercraft outlet store. I opted to take a card making class instead of lining up to ride Thomas the Tank Engine - lucky me!

It was nice to go somewhere crafty where no one knew who I was and I could just follow instructions and make six rather frou frou but fabulous cards. It was nice to be a student! It was nice to make things that weren't for sale or even that good.

Beck and I talked about it over pancakes on Friday and we both agreed that a return to these simple pleasures would help us get through the mountain of work on the professional and personal fronts. It's all about process. If you are feeling a little run down I highly recommend it. Don't worry about the uncool factor, it's just for you (and in my case my mother who loves everything I make unconditionally) RAMONA

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