The ladies of HML know some of you you here in Melbourne particularly may be weary of everyone banging on about street art, lane ways, graf, paste ups, banksy blah blah blah. You may have exited the gift shop a couple of years ago but we urge you to return to catch this beautiful new show Oh its an eerie frost now on in Hosier Lanes Citylights boxes.

Swiss based artist Pascale Mira Tschani and Michael Husmann Tschani work backwards to create these extraordinary work backwards to create these extraordinary works that are as much a mystery to them as they are to us. they slowly build up layers on perspex using all manner of media until their original drawing has disappeared. We can imagine the thrill of that final flip to reveal the work.

We love collaboration (obviously) and we love an exhibition you can catch on your way to somewhere else. A show for the time poor art lover! Works up and viewable 24/7 until the 27th April. RAMONA

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