It's not easy being pea green

My sporadic blogging this week was due in no small part to the making of this present! I have a friend turning 4 this weekend and have wanted to make her this Princess and the Pea from the More Softies book since I made one for my niece in 2009

Funnily enough this is the second project from this book I've made for my young friend and it was her mamma that gave me the book. Designer Sarah Bowe really threw down the craft gauntlet with this one. 12 mattresses? crikey! My pea is very dodgy but the recipient is so very kind and will overlook any flaws in the making! RAMONA
PS If you want to see more professional gifts for the kidlets then head to a special Children's Edition of Craft Hatch Market at The State Library tomorrow 10-4!


Beck said...

So so beautiful Ramona, I think your pea looks super. Am now totally inspired to make one for Anna, especially as I didnt manage to make a wee girlie this time for us to craft for!!!

ainsley said...

Oh! that's the greatest. You post so often about gifts for people. you're friends and family are very lucky. I just started a blog so now i'm accutely aware of how often i craft for others and how often i craft for myself. tomorrow is my housemates 21st so i'm hurriedly finishing off a knitted bikini for her. if you're interested http://themaybepileblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/skill-of-modesty.html this is it. i'll let you know if she likes it... fingers crossed.


Thanks Ainsley! Love your blog too- you are quite the craft miss! Making gifts is totally addictive and a lifelong one at that. The ladies applaud you for knitting the bikini! Looks like an awesome teaparty too!