The ladies of HML don't quite know what a Festival of Spatial Design would actually entail. Perhaps if we'd been in Antwerp last year we could have got our heads around it. There has been a great image of a giant cat couch bouncing around the design sites and we wanted to know more. Design Studio 'Unfold' took over an apartment and did a fabulous feline inspired installation in each room. The first had children's wallpaper with a small cat collection

The bathroom had a projection of a cat drinking water from a trickling bath

The living room had a giant cat couch visitors could sit on

the box on the table has a scale model of the room and a projection of a cat playing with wool

And finally the remnants of dinner, room of bird a fish skeleton models. We thought it might be good to see the project in its entirety. When we first saw the cat couch it was cute, like a giant softie and good internet craft fodder. With a little time we found out so much more. Always worth clicking onto the links.RAMONA

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