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Melbourne is a festival town. This always turns out to be a good thing for us because to secure their funding each of them have to invest in a 'cultural' program which often means new and interesting ideas in craft and design get a look in. Plus it's always good to work to a theme. The fashion festival is no different and this weekend I'm going to catch up with some of the inspired work on show this year (and I don't mean those sheath dresses by Alex Perry - yawn).

If we could get to Kyneton this weekend or the next we'd love to check out the Wearit upcyclying workshops co run by jeweller Emma Grace and textile designer Ellie Mucke - you can find out more about it here

I'll be heading to MARS to see the String theory installation by Greer Taylor

I'll also be heading to CCP to see Lyndal Walker's La Toilette D'une Femme images

I'm planning on seeing how curator Dianne Beevers has managed to get the work of 38 jewellers into 19 viewing windows at Mailbox 141

And I may get in trouble if I don't haul my way up Flinders Lane to Craft Victoria to see the new work by textile artist living legend Liz Williamson. Big Saturday. I hope it's sunny! RAMONA

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