I met Eddy Carroll once. She struck me as a very thoughtful person, very warm and considered in her responses. I remember someone asking her if she was 'making anything' and she said 'this and that'. I guess this absolutely beautiful show now on at Hand Held Gallery was what she was working on.

There is no doubt that hand craft can be therapeutic for the broken hearted. Something about one stitch in front of the other, the passage of time, the meditation that comes from doing the same thing over and over.
When seeking catharsis it can also create objects that come to represent that pain and as they stand removed from the maker a process of healing can begin.

This is a lovely lovely show. Very thoughtful and considered, just like Eddy Carroll. Not to be missed. RAMONA

'Something to Hold On To by Letting Go'
Until March 5

Handheld Gallery
Suite 18
Upstairs Paramount Arcade
108 Bourke Street
Melbourne City
Tues -Sat 12-5

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love Eddy's work and I highly recommend going to see her show!She is amazing