I've made a list (what a surprise) of all the people I want to learn more about this year. That list includes artist and textile designer Sonia De Launay. The Intern and I have also made a commitment to attempt projects 'in the style of...' as a way of learning new skills and enjoying the process.

We bought a simple white tshirt scarf and spent a couple of hours hunched over the dining table painting it together

Of course there are things we'll do differently next time. I'd let it dry more on the table to avoid the colour bleeding and I'd use an even lighter base material.

The Intern makes a far better model than I do.

A tip: instead of putting newsprint underneath to protect the table put good butchers paper so then you have wrapping paper at the end of the day too.

It's been ages since I made something just for myself and for fun. Should be more of it! RAMONA

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Fat Mumma said...

This is such a great idea... looks great too :)