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The period between Christmas and New Year is a strange nebulous space where not much happens and not much gets done. Being devoted list makers, the ladies of HML love Jan 1- the resetting of the clock to zero is very satisfying. But in the meantime, with all the small spaces closed for the holidays, its a great time to catch up on what the big institutions are doing and perhaps take a couple of road trips. I've been meaning to see Australian Made:100 years of Australian Fashion  at NGV/A since it started way back in May (!) It finishes on the 23rd Jan so this is a good week to check it out. It covers settlement to 1950 - a period of self definition and adaptation to our new country.

Stretching back further in time is the Lace in Fashion exhibition at NGV/I. Looking at the 16th- 19th century history through this ubiquitous textile will either be really beautiful and brilliant or incredibly dull. I don't see how it can compete with the stunning lace show that was held at the Immigration Museum some years ago.

The Intern and I are planning a couple of road trips over the next couple of weeks so I'll get to see Carole Wilsons beautiful stitched collages at Ballarat Art Gallery .

We are also super keen on the London touring show now on at Bendigo Gallery called The Art of Chess. It sounds terrible i know but with chess sets designed by Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst and Rachel Whiteread (above) it will be pretty amazing.

I'm also going to sneak into Melbourne Museum to see their collection of vintage Christmas decorations - because to much Christmas is not enough for me. Sadly friends and family don't share my continued enthusiasm for the season once the season is over so that one I'll be going to alone! RAMONA

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