This is the last Christmas related post I promise but its so funny I had to share it with you. As a clan, food is what really unites us. We all love to eat and we all love to cook. but its still weird that every single present we gave each other was food related. teapot, cookie cutters,  pie dish, salad servers, cupcake papers,tagine, Elizabeth David, Frankie Sweet Treats, The big Book of BBQ a Moomin mug (thanks Beck!), a wok and some lovely shortbread (thanks Beck again!). We used the dish last night to make a turkey and leek pie - lovely!

The intern isn't a fan of Christmas but is a great baker and decided to spread some classic adolescent cheer with these crazy gingerbread cookies.

Without the use of a proper piping bag and after 5 hours of baking they kind of matched her mood.

The Womble was thrilled to get a chance to cut some stars out with the Intern. As hard as she tried, it doesn't get Christmassier than that! Does anyone out there know how to use a tagine? RAMONA

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