who listens to the radio!

Well it's that time of year - the last time I'll be on 3RRR to talk up all things in the craftiverse. I will be without my compadre Beck - who manages to squeeze in a 'real' job between doing everything else and is tied to her desk at Craft Victoria. I'll be talking up the wonderful Harvest Textiles and their special Christmas market. If you listen in at 10 am there is an amazing give away for RRR subscribers. You'll note I'm on the poster too - but I've piked due to market making exhaustion post hatch! I'm still going to visit tho as it looks awesome!

I will also be talking a bit about the Fresh exhibition at CV -  the best of the best graduates as hand picked by a committee of craft and design professionals -it's a great show this year and is open right up until Christmas eve.

And my own Christmas mania continues...I know you are all sick of it.2 weeks to go and then we are done people! RAMONA

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